Thursday, November 11, 2010

10 Titik Bagian Tubuh Wanita Yang Disukai Pria

10 Point Female Body Parts That Likes Men

There are different views on the terms of a woman who became a priority choice of a man. This is certainly not independent of personal assessment which is certainly not all of which enter into the category of choice. On the other hand, many women think with a slim bo
dy, sexy, tall as the star female product advertising as an option in the assessment of man to himself.

Though there are some factors that trigger a man's attraction to women who are not known by the woman herself. While these factors are always
attached to any woman, just how women can attract sympathy for men.

1. Aroma body. Men like it when his wife got out of bed and her body still spread the natural scent shortly after disappearing from view. The smell of perfume mixed with a little body that often become drug when you do not miss my husband at home.

2. Lips. You do not need to have lips like Angelina Jolie's. As long as you simply kissable lips, then polish with the color of berry lipstick. Even men who do not know you can imagine what it's like kissing your lips.

3. Nails. Remember how the curls fall in love at the sight of beautiful nails? Caress you with a nail that was not too long and not too short at the back of the couple will give him a nice little massage.

4. Eye. The eyes are bright with a tapering alluring eyelashes heart. Brush a little mascara to thicken and maintain kelentikannya. Use a thin layer of blush and nude lipstick color to accentuate your eyes.

5. Neck. Neck became a crown which would tie him especially when you tie your neck hair that makes ladder is revealed. That's when a man feels turn on. Strands of hair that fell just make your neck look more sexy.

6. Bottom of the ear leaf. This section is very smooth and soft so that he could not bear to not kiss her.

7. Collarbone. This is the bony ridge that is above your chest. If this section peering shyly out from behind your blouse, her husband will be more curious. Much more curious than if you show your skin completely.

8. Breast. Again, you do not have to have breasts like yours Baywatch stars. Believe me, most men just do not like breasts that are too big. Provided that your breast is shaped and able to respond with a good touch your husband.

9. Hair. You do not have long hair to attract a partner. As long as your hair healthy and fragrant, the man will be glad stroked and kissed her. You can let your hair curly or roll it with a stick, you will still look sexy.

10. Leather. You need not worry even if your skin is quite dark. Skin that is well maintained, smooth, and fragrant, will make a man want to be caressed and kissed her.


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